Girton College JCR

Your student representatives

Girton College JCR is a Students’ Union (under the 1994 Education Act) for the undergraduate community of Girton College, Cambridge. The membership is open to undergraduates, as defined by the University (those undertaking a Part I, Part II or Part III of Tripos, and who have not formally graduated).┬áThe JCR consists of 19 Officers, 11 elected and 8 co-opted.

The JCR is a descendant of the Student Representative Committee (SRC), the original representative body for Girtonians. At some point, it is assumed it split into an MCR and a JCR. The JCR is separate from the MCR, and both Students’ Unions have separate budgets.

The JCR, as a Students’ Union, is regulated under the 1994 Education Act. This restricts the JCR’s action to issues which affect “students as students”. Furthermore, any member has the right to leave the JCR, and still have full access to any agreements negotiated with the College and access JCR services – they only lose their right to vote in elections.