Societies’ Funding Advice

Helping us help you.

Girton College JCR has a budget, which can be used to fund societies. However, in the interests of fairness, requirements are instituted by Schedule One of the Girton College JCR Constitution. Schedule 1(c) defines the requirements as follows:

  • be open to all members of College
  • have a viable membership
  • not exist exclusively for the supply of goods and serives to its members at below cost price
  • have at least half of its members within the JCR
  • keep accurate records of income and expenditure
  • register to Society and its officers with the JCR Treasurer, informing them of any changes in officer
  • impose a subscription which reflects the needs of the Societ
  • make its account available at the request of the Finance Committee.

If your society meets all these requirements, you can apply for funding.

Some key things should be mentioned. The more detailed the breakdown of costs, the more likely the Finance Committee will be in approving the application. Similarly, financially prudent societies with a track record of good financial management will be more likely to get large one-off capital expenditures paid for.

Any questions, just contact the Treasurer.