Registered Societies List

All societies in Girton College are required to be registered with the JCR. This grants you the right to apply for funding, subject to certain conditions.




Girton College Boat Club
Ana Hernandez
Girton and Hills Colleges Womens' Rugby Club
Alice Elgar
Girton College Men's Rugby Club
Ben Woolstencroft
Girton College Women's Football Club
Laura Bleehen
Girton College Men's Football Club
Tom Virgo
Girton College Christian Union
Imogen Smith, David de Oliveira
Girton College Poetry Group
Andreea Daniela
Girton AquaZumba Society
Juli Sanchez
Girton Amateur Dramatics Society (GADS)
Alastair Haig, Phoebe Pritchett
Girton Amateur Dramatics Society (GADS)
Alastair Haig, Phoebe Pritchett
Girton FemSoc
Katharine Taylor
Girton French Society
Blanche Comolli, Amelie Loubens
Girton Gardening and Nature Society
Ellen Pearce-Davies, Ximena Barker Huesca
Girton College Amnesty International
Molly Hale
Ladies' Netball
Sophy Kenny
Girton Mixed Netball
Kayan Patel
Girton College Tennis Club
Miles Kekwick
Girton College Cricket Club
Zak Hopkins
Girton College Croquet Society
Dominic Ryan
Girton College Athletics Society
Edward Armitage
Girton College Women's Hockey
Erin Barnard, Lauren Hillier
Girton College Men's Hockey
Charlie Mabbutt
Project W2
Leah Mereb, Lucy Nicholls
The Cartwright Mathematics Society
George Cowperthwaite
Girton Medical and Veterinary Society
Rosa Barnard
Cloud Leopards - Mixed Lacrosse
Wilf Rake, Laura Cameron
Mixed Volleyball
Leah Mereb, Mihai Varsandan
Girton College Cross Country Club
Peter Finn, Ruby Woolfe
Girton College Badminton Club
Xi Shern Tan, Nathan Bottomley
Girton College Casual Choir
Tom Wang
Girton College Table Top Gaming Society
Michael Lausch, Alastair Haig
The Go and Yes Minister Society
Stephen Christopher