Invitation to open meeting on Girton’s estate

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Girton College JCR has been requested to pass on the following invitation.
“The Mistress and Senior Tutor invite you to join them for mince pies and coffee at 7:30pm in the Stanley Library on Monday 27th November. They would like to brief you, and invite questions and discussion, on the future of the estate, including plans for Wolfson Court and proposals for a new social hub.”

JCR Treasurer-Elect Manifestos MT 2017

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Following a second round of nominations for the position of Treasurer-Elect, there have been two applicants. Elections will open at 9pm on Wednesday 15th November, and voting is on CUSU Vote.

William Richards






Dear Fellow Students

My name is William, I’m a second year historian here at Girton and I’d like to take this opportunity to bid my desire to become treasurer.


  • Fight rent increases
  • Finance keeping the sports pitches open or look at alternative areas for sports practice
  • Discuss financing a 24-hour library
  • Fight changes to Smoking Areas, in particular fight for the return of old smoking areas
  • Campaign for the use of more funds for Ents and discuss using new locations.
  • Ensure that Swirles Court rebates are paid


As a Historian, the need to place numbers within an argumentative framework positions me well to succeed at College Council meetings and in overall correspondence with students and the college alike.


  • Back home in London, I have hosted club nights for over three years where I’ve negotiated artist fees, advertising costs and venue hire costs.
  • Last year at Cambridge, I was responsible for successfully booking fifteen musical acts within a very small budget at the Cambridge Union Spring Ball 2016.
  • And, moreover, my work at CLIO this year, the university history society, has seen the reduction of membership fees, with the intention of their abolition by the end of the year.

I have the skills, the experience, and the drive necessary to win battles on behalf of students. It is in my interests to succeed for everyone, and I will work to fund the interests of all.

Please vote for me to be your next JCR Treasurer.

Best Wishes



Liam O’Connor

Hello! My name is Liam O’Connor and I’m a second year PhysNatsci and I would like to apply for the role of JCR treasurer.

Having worked part time in accounts throughout my school years, and this summer having worked with a start-up to redesign their logistic and finance spreadsheets, I have had significant experience dealing with finances. I have been involved with several college societies over the past year; I am currently the secretary of the boat club. I am a very organized and proactive person, and will look to allocate the JCR budget appropriately to all the clubs and societies we have at Girton.

As part of the role, I will fully represent all your thoughts and opinions at College Council meetings. Having previously been Head Boy at my school I am fully aware of the need for representation at these meetings and will proactively express the needs of the JCR. I will look to continue the excellent work of Ryan in this role, as well as support all the other officers on the committee so they can continue to make the impact they have done.

JCR Michaelmas Term Elections – Treasurer Election

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At approximately 10am this morning, Matthew Davies formally withdrew his application to become JCR Treasurer-Elect. As a result, all votes for Matthew Davies in the CUSU eVote system will be void. The remaining nominee for the election of JCR Treasurer-Elect is Re-Open Nominations (RON), and therefore RON wins by default.

As a result, a second round of nominations will take place for the role of JCR Treasurer-Elect, as defined by the JCR Constitution. Nominations for JCR Treasurer-Elect will open at 4pm on Monday 13th November 2017, and should be emailed to the JCR President. Nominations will close at 4pm on Wednesday 15th November 2017.

Girton JCR Hustings Record – MT 2017

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The following is a quickly noted record of what was said by different nominees for the JCR Hustings.

Molly – Nominee for Vice-President

  • In absentia: Clara read out key points from her manifesto.


 Matt – Nominee for Treasurer-Elect

  • Aims to increase funding for accessible events, more sexual health supplies.
  • How to tackle rents in Council? Works with the President and VP in Council as a unit to tackle.
  • What if you get defunded? Need to give a detailed breakdown of how it works, keep up vitality of the JCR
  • Underfunding? Wants to fund the most accessible events primarily, and sexual health supplies. Open to suggestions.
  • You’re a fresher: do you have enough experience? Committed to learn, hope that he’s talked to enough people.


Domenico – Nominee for Access and Academic Affairs Officer

  • Came from disadvantaged background
  • Notes his mates intermitted, feels lack of knowledge about what Cambridge is led to it.
  • Wants to keep supporting *after* getting in.
  • Low representation of ethnic minorities? Wants to work with the Minorities Officers and CUSU BME Campaign. Extend the Area Link system, wants to increase diversity in areas if possible
  • Library Committee? Wants to let people know what’s going on. Reading room doesn’t work all the time.
  • What issues have your mates faced? Collegiate system isn’t simple, don’t know how funding works.


Wilf – Nominee for Events and Societies Officer

  • Gonna keep it brief. I am your only officer.
  • He’s done this job before in Freshers, I want to have fun.
  • Ents: how can we make them more well attended? “I’m a specialist in getting the hype”. Wants a bigger diversity of events, people are too afraid they’ll be excluded, it’s not for that group.
  • What would you do differently? We’ll need a new location. All in Fez, or different places in college to keep up interest.
  • For the last year the LGBT+ ent didn’t work: how to celebrate certain minority? Publicise it akin to any other ent, key for elements, but don’t generate exclusivity.


Dan – Nominee for Accomodation Officer

  • He’s seen the best and the worst of the accommodation.
  • Has no vested interest in getting the room together.
  • Transparency: Need clarity on how Swirles will work, and is it fair?
  • Grading it is pretty big.
  • How to deal with Swirles issues? Transparency, rebate, more of the same
  • Next Michaelmas: David Lawrence isn’t here, how will that work? Has Summer term too. Feel that the experience is better, and keeps objectivity outweighs the potential problems.
  • What will you do that’s new: Extensive photo database. ACTUALLY seeing rooms.
  • Rents: it’s probably at a higher level on council. Need to not rise, he’s clearly not a fan of the Council. Needs transparency, work with committee on all his info.


Hustings Manifestos – MT 2017

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These are for use tonight (12/11/2017) at the Michaelmas Term Hustings.

Vice-President (Trustee Role)

Molly Hale

I think that the JCR at Girton has a particularly important role to play for a college that is so cohesive and communal whilst also being very diverse and unique. I’ve loved the experience of being part of the JCR as the Female and non-binary welfare officer and would aim to bring my awareness of other aspects of the work of the Committee into the role of Vice President.

Kayan has done an incredible job as VP and I would strive to continue his friendly, open and constructive attitude towards the position and all of the work that it entails, largely supporting the President and helping to represent the student body on College Council. I feel that my experience on the JCR so far will aid my understanding of how to interact with both individuals and the Council in terms of working to get the best results for both the College and students. Already having an awareness of how the JCR works and the importance of communicating effectively and supporting each other will hopefully put me in a good place to take on the greater responsibilities of Vice President.

One part of the role that I find really exciting is being Girton’s External Officer and representing the JCR to the University. I applied to Girton and feel strongly about the groundbreaking history of the College which I believe we should aim to continue and develop in the future. To achieve this, I would focus on making the representation of Girton more visible within college and working with other college JCRs to achieve change. A key aim for me would be to organise to push individual colleges and the University as a whole on environmental issues and intermission policies; of course, I would collaborate with the relevant members of Girton’s JCR to make these efforts as coherent and effective as possible.

With regard to Fresher’s Week I would try to make the experience as rewarding as possible for all Committee members and the incoming students. The key focus of Fresher’s Week should be inclusivity and making everyone feel like there is a place for them at Girton. The Committees in 2016 and 2017 were both amazing so I would work to match their successes as much as possible. I would continue to run a wide range of events, with a good balance of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. Ideally, I would like to include Welfare and support service pamphlets in Fresher packs and organise college family welcome teas for the first day that students arrive. Building on from wonderful work this year, I would endeavour to make any talks that JCR members wanted to run, such as welfare, race relations and lgbt+, compulsory for all students, on a par with the college run sessions, such as the drugs and alcohol talk. As a means of reflecting on what works well in Fresher’s Week I would create an online anonymous survey for students to give feedback about their general experience and thoughts on specific activities. I think it would also be very beneficial to have a ‘Fresher’s Week Refresher’ event in week five or six of Michaelmas term to give students the opportunity to come and ask any questions or raise concerns and for perhaps both the JCR and Fresher’s Committee to provide a reminder of essential services.

I’m aware that being the Vice President is a key role within college and will not always be easy, but I would be thrilled to be given this opportunity and hope that my determination to have a positive influence on life in college has come through. Thank you!



Treasurer-Elect (Trustee Role, becomes Treasurer in Lent)

Matthew Davies

I would like to apply for the position of JCR Treasurer for the next period. I believe I am a good fit for the role based on the organised state of my personal finances, and because I have been entrusted with similar roles before; I organised the budgets for Sense Loughton, a charity shop I used to work at, and following this budget, we were able to afford improvements, such as a new till, that the managers had been hankering after. In addition, I was employed as Treasurer for 41st Epping Forest scout group for two years, during which I was entrusted to both keep the books, involving keeping track of subs and activity payments from over 400 members, and with creating budgets for upwards of £10,000 for overseas trips.

Funding application ideas:

  1. Renewing the existing JCR equipment, for example new table tennis balls. Purchasing new affordable JCR equipment, e.g. playing cards, cheap poker chips, Cards Against Humanity, Twister (ideal for 2 am drunkenness).
  2. Increasing funding for the most accessible sports, like mixed netball, football and mixed lacrosse; my own experience as a fresher is that sports such as these can be used for expanding a social circle as much as for fitness, and thus help freshers who are struggling to settle in.
  3. Rentable/borrowable bike locks and helmets.
  4. Rentable/borrowable commonplace items, like ethernet cables, available from the Plodge.
  5. Providing free sexual health supplies (condoms, STI test kits) in popular locations such as outside the Plodge, or even advertising for door delivery after anonymous emails.
  6. Potentially a cash withdrawal service from a camcard, for taxis or emergency supplies.

I hope you will take my application into consideration.



Access and Academic Officer

Domenico Pratico

Hello, I am Domenico, a second-year classicist. I am running for the role of Access and Academic Officer because I strongly desire to help as many people as possible live the dream I have been fortunate enough to experience: being a Cambridge student.

I attended a state school in the poorest Italian region. Nobody had ever told me about the possibility of applying to Cambridge or about its funding opportunities. I had to face everything by myself, reading through hundreds of internet pages for an entire year, in order to get information about every single step of the admission process. I finally managed to get in but the whole experience was overwhelming. This is what motivates me to try to give a hand to applicants and current students from disadvantaged or under-represented backgrounds.

Here are some of the proposals which I am willing to implement.

  • Have frequent discussions with current students coming from disadvantaged or under-represented backgrounds. Their experiences (pre and post-admission process) would be precious information for both the Liaison Officer and the Access and Academic Officer.
  • Share more information on the admission process in the open days directed to year 10 and year 11 students (currently this kind of information is considered vital mainly in the open days for year 12 students)
  • Increase the number of Girton students’ comments in the online Alternative Prospectus of the University.
  • Greater co-operation with the Minorities Officer
  • Co-operation with Student Minds Cambridge.
  • Organise more subject-specific discussions on course prospectuses and usual workload betwen potential and current student of the College.



Events and Societies Officer

Wilf Rake

Hey everyone, I’m Wilf, in second year doing Linguistics.

Over the past year, I’ve been working hard (this is hyperbole, for effect) to establish a good relationship with the porters and the college bureaucracy in general. This process has gone from a 0 (Porter Tim writing my name/room number in his little notebook like 6 times last Michaelmas) to a solid 80 (I talked with Kerry about her plans to redecorate her house a few days ago). This may not seem important at first, but thinking about the workarounds in ent locations we’re going to have to find due to the loss of the college bar and JCR this year, a little charm can go a long way. Disclaimer: I have very little charm, so can’t guarantee a long way, but it’s a start.

Being perfectly honest I had no idea ‘societies officer’ was part of this role as well. I’m equally happy to take that on – as captain of the lacrosse team and coxing captain for the boat club I feel like I have a decent perspective of what societies want (money, stash, money again) and can try and represent these needs on the JCR.

Ents wise, I was on the fresher’s committee as an ents officer, so already know a fair amount about the sound system and logistics behind organizing an ent. I also just want to give the people what they want – turnout (and enjoyment) at the last few ents has been a little lackluster. But you guys, I have so many ideas, and am sure you do too. What I’d do as ents officer is listen to all your bloody ideas and suggestions in order to set up ents that work for the many, not the few. This is kind of reliant on participation, though – if no one says anything then I will probably just play music that I think is really good, and no one wants that. Be warned.

Peace, love, and vote for me xo


Accomodation Officer

Daniel Edwards

Hi, I’m Dan a third-year historian and I’m running to be the JCR Accommodation Officer.

Accommodation is a topic close to the hearts of many Girtonians. Recently, Girton has undergone big changes in its accommodation, and there have been numerous teething problems which have been unnecessary. Having experienced the ups and downs of the room ballot myself, I understand the importance of getting a system that works for every student. As a third year rapidly approaching graduation, I have no vested interest other than ensuring that future Girtonians have a better accommodation in the years to come.

If elected I pledge to oversee a review of the room grading system, ensuring there is greater fairness and balance in the banding of rooms and college houses. I also believe there needs to be greater transparency of the college’s ever-changing accommodation policy, including further clarity on the integration of Swirles Court into the College community.


Swirles Court Update 4

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*Update 4 on Swirles Court: Refund and Mears*
First things first, to compensate for the events of the past few weeks, I am delighted to confirm that all those living at Swirles Court will get a refund of £420. This will be taken off your next college bill.

Regarding cleaning, I hear it is still hit and (moreso) miss. Please continue filling in this form: as far as College are concerned, it is still not good enough, but the more evidence, the better a resolution on our behalf.

Start of the year update

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Copied from Facebook.

*Hey all, long post, but key to read to see what changes have happened at Girton over summer. Tldr: A lot more is open than we expected, but there are some significant delays.*


The positives

The Gym – the gym has been fully redecorated. Aaron the porter is very excited by this. It should be ready on return, or at least by the start of term: only a small cleanup is required.

Wolfson Court – Whilst Wolfson Court no longer has accommodation available, the canteen will be open for lunch. The schedule is not confirmed, but weekdays should definitely be covered.

The Bar – The original bar and JCR still remain, along with Xbox, etc. There will be a bar for all three terms, but for this term, we should be able to use our original bar.

Careers – Some progress has been made. Girton JCR are delighted to announce a partnership with Dartmouth Partners, a finance recruitment firm. As part of our agreement, Girtonians will get personalised feedback on CVs, alongside the usual benefits of a recruitment firm (updates, direct offers, etc.) On top of this, several societies continue to offer career opportunities at Girton, like the Law Soc.

Swirles – work is pretty much done, and the properties are in Girton’s hands. People are living in already, feedback is good so far. Occasional comments have been made about some unfinished aspects – if there is any such issues when you arrive, tell porters ASAP.

Sainsbury’s – it’s open, big, cheap, and has an Argos attached. Bets are being taken on how long before the Co-op shuts.

Freshers – All is sorted, a calendar will be released very soon to let you guys know what events are available to attend.


The negatives:

The bar – planning permission was finally granted to build the “Social Hub” on 15th September. Documents are available online from South Cambs Council. Unfortunately, progress has not yet begun on the work (one can assume they’re in the midst of a tendering process or the like). Work will not begin until January 2018, and will be unfinished by the time of the Ball. Jazz has been informed.

Careers – There are still gaping holes in the provisions available. Despite repeated requests over the summer, the Development office has not yet got back to me on the matter of connecting students up to alumni. For the moment being, your best port of call is the Careers Service at Cambridge, who are very good. Regarding post-grad education, I will see if I can organise anything with the MCR, especially in the light of Swirles.

Sponsorship – This is a similar issue: Development has restricted sponsorship is the past with the Boat Club, who were sponsored by PwC, but now have been prevented from seeking sponsorship. Matters are complicated by Girton JCR not being registered as a separate charity, not having its own bank account, and being seen by the College as a legal part of the College, and therefore bound by it.

Any queries, feel free to send me an email or message.